Friday, June 24, 2016

Yet Another Week 1 is in the Books

Eventually I'm just going to start titling these things "Blog Post No. 2,349" or whatever it is. The titles have gotten old.

So, my fourth 8-week cycle (that's probably a better word than program at this point) has begun, and I wrapped up Week 1 of this cycle today. So, how did we do?

First, an observation. Yesterday I felt awesome. My shirt was tight around my arms, my belly wasn't sticking out too much, and I felt like I was on my way. And the night before the wife actually commented that my arms and shoulders were looking big. It all felt great! And that's ironic, because I weighed in at 184.0 yesterday, way off from my goal for today, Friday, of 183.3.

Anyways, today I don't feel as good. First, the wife said my legs look small. She's right, but damn, my legs are getting worked just as hard as the rest of the body, so I was hoping they'd be getting some muscle in them too. Stepping up the leg game tomorrow with the wife at the gym, that's happening. But I also just don't feel as pumped today. The t-shirt is fitting baggy, no noticeable muscleness, and I feel fat today.

And the ironic thing on the feeling fat is the weight. Why?, you might ask. Well, because I crushed my weigh in goal today, by clocking in at....


Yup, totally overshot. I know we're talking super small increments at this point and that could just be water weight, but I did it and I felt good. But ya, even with overshooting the goal, I'm just not feeling it today.

Either way, new goal is set for Monday, and it's 182.3. Let's do this, onward to the 170s!

As for working out, I did it. I did Max Out Cardio from Max:30 today. Overall, not my best workout. I was literally jumping over a baby throughout most of it (she wanted to join me today) which didn't help, but even if she wasn't there, I just felt my energy lagging. Really not sure why. Legs actually felt tired, which slowed me down. Hmm...

Also I got a good walk in both yesterday and today. Just wanted to note those, I'm always happy I do them at lunch.

So, ya, tomorrow is going to be weight lifting extreme day. I feel it, I'm ready, I need it. Going to hit upper body hard hard hard in the morning, then rest, then gym with the lovely lady where we will destroy our legs and abs. Good times. I think I'm reading too many bodybuilding articles, I can hear their lingo working its way into this blog post. Sup bro? See!

Also, fun fact, the family's out of town for a mini vacation next weekend, which messes with my schedule. So, instead of lifting next Saturday, I'm going to lift Friday. Why is this cool? you might ask. Well, it means I get to lift every other day, starting yesterday (Thursday) and going through Friday of next week. Yup, lifting hard on Thursday (yesterday), Saturday (tomorrow), Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I'll probably have to move my Bas Rutten workout around to get all this in there, but hey, should still be cool.

Final note, since I hit my weight goal I'm hesitant to venture into carb land this weekend. Still might, not sure. I'm definitely doing some diet cheating next weekend while out of town though, so I might stick it out another week. I'll let you know.

K, that's my story folks. Onward to Week 2!

Bring it!

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