Thursday, June 30, 2016

Have I really not posted all week?

Crap, I'm losing steam, I can see it now. I still love the working out and have the motivation to keep this all going, but the first thing to go is the blog, every time, and it's been a week since I posted. Gotta keep chugging along though. Time to brainstorm some new ways to stay on it.

Anyways, this week's gone well actually. Weight loss is still stuck - I'm within 1.5 of 183.0 every day for the last week regardless of what I eat. I've kept it clean, worked out hard, but ya. I'm doing some cheat days this weekend, 4th of July weekend, and I'm expecting to go up a few lbs next week but bust through this plateau the weeks after.

Workout wise, things are good. My legs are sore still from last Saturday's leg day, as in something is actually pulled in my hamstring, so I've kept all leg workouts to just calves and quads. Monday I lifted, Wednesday I lifted, and I'm going to lift tomorrow. This Wednesday/Friday lift is due to being out of town Saturday/Sunday, in which I can only do cardio.

As for actual cardio, Sunday I was seriously dragging ass and just didn't do it. Ya, I know, not good. Tuesday I had a baby to deal with, she's not sleeping thanks to teething/ear infection issues, and I was only able to do 4 rounds of the 3 minute round boxing workout from Bas. Still an awesome workout, and super great to do the day after I lift heavy on upper body.

Today I did Max Out Sweat from Max:30, and it went pretty well. B range, not quite a B+ or an A, but I was happy with it.

Been walking still every day. That's good, even though the heat is making me stuck inside the office for my walks. Fortunately my office is big enough to get a good walk in. Looking forward to it cooling off in a few months just for the change of scenery at lunch.

So, that's me at the moment. I'm so close to that 180 mark I can feel it. Then onward to 170, and then we'll reevaluate what the next step is.

Alright, that's all I've got for the moment. Just wanted to check in. One more day in Week 2. Let's do this!

Bring it!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Yet Another Week 1 is in the Books

Eventually I'm just going to start titling these things "Blog Post No. 2,349" or whatever it is. The titles have gotten old.

So, my fourth 8-week cycle (that's probably a better word than program at this point) has begun, and I wrapped up Week 1 of this cycle today. So, how did we do?

First, an observation. Yesterday I felt awesome. My shirt was tight around my arms, my belly wasn't sticking out too much, and I felt like I was on my way. And the night before the wife actually commented that my arms and shoulders were looking big. It all felt great! And that's ironic, because I weighed in at 184.0 yesterday, way off from my goal for today, Friday, of 183.3.

Anyways, today I don't feel as good. First, the wife said my legs look small. She's right, but damn, my legs are getting worked just as hard as the rest of the body, so I was hoping they'd be getting some muscle in them too. Stepping up the leg game tomorrow with the wife at the gym, that's happening. But I also just don't feel as pumped today. The t-shirt is fitting baggy, no noticeable muscleness, and I feel fat today.

And the ironic thing on the feeling fat is the weight. Why?, you might ask. Well, because I crushed my weigh in goal today, by clocking in at....


Yup, totally overshot. I know we're talking super small increments at this point and that could just be water weight, but I did it and I felt good. But ya, even with overshooting the goal, I'm just not feeling it today.

Either way, new goal is set for Monday, and it's 182.3. Let's do this, onward to the 170s!

As for working out, I did it. I did Max Out Cardio from Max:30 today. Overall, not my best workout. I was literally jumping over a baby throughout most of it (she wanted to join me today) which didn't help, but even if she wasn't there, I just felt my energy lagging. Really not sure why. Legs actually felt tired, which slowed me down. Hmm...

Also I got a good walk in both yesterday and today. Just wanted to note those, I'm always happy I do them at lunch.

So, ya, tomorrow is going to be weight lifting extreme day. I feel it, I'm ready, I need it. Going to hit upper body hard hard hard in the morning, then rest, then gym with the lovely lady where we will destroy our legs and abs. Good times. I think I'm reading too many bodybuilding articles, I can hear their lingo working its way into this blog post. Sup bro? See!

Also, fun fact, the family's out of town for a mini vacation next weekend, which messes with my schedule. So, instead of lifting next Saturday, I'm going to lift Friday. Why is this cool? you might ask. Well, it means I get to lift every other day, starting yesterday (Thursday) and going through Friday of next week. Yup, lifting hard on Thursday (yesterday), Saturday (tomorrow), Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I'll probably have to move my Bas Rutten workout around to get all this in there, but hey, should still be cool.

Final note, since I hit my weight goal I'm hesitant to venture into carb land this weekend. Still might, not sure. I'm definitely doing some diet cheating next weekend while out of town though, so I might stick it out another week. I'll let you know.

K, that's my story folks. Onward to Week 2!

Bring it!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Weights were lifted this morning

Workday/weekday lift days aren't my favorite, especially the further I get into this program. Why? Because I have less time I can allot to the workout (just shy of an hour, and that's pushing it), and the further I get into this, the more I realize I love lifting weights and want to put more effort/time in. Oh well, such is life.

I hit (almost) everything this morning with a progressive set. Progressive sets being from Body Beast, doing 15, 12 and 8 reps, increasing weight as I go down, rest, then 8, 12 and 15 reps going back down with the weight. I say almost everything because bis/tris each got a drop set instead (15, 12, 8, 8 with a low weight) due to time, and I basically didn't do hamstrings. I actually have just been looking at legs as legs, but over the last two weeks I've realized they're set up exactly like arms, meaning multiple muscles, and they all need to be hit. I've struggled with how to hit hamstrings without machines, but a friend gave me some ideas today through a conversation. Planning to hit legs more intelligently starting Saturday. Oh, also calves and core were each hit with a more rep-focused mindset.

Ideally I'd do that same thing plus a drop set on each bodypart, or at a minimum a force set, but time just doesn't permit. I've also been clued in on a few pro pro bodybuilders' rep schemes, and a lot of them are doing 20, 15, 12, 8, so basically one more set of 20 to add to each of my lifts if I decide to move forward with that. Again, though, where does one get the time. An extra set of 20 might not sound like much, but add that in for every body part, and double it if we're talking progressive sets, and it starts to add up. Something for the future perhaps.

On that note, this is a reason I'm considering doing an upper lower split in the future. I can devote more time to both upper and lower, grouping lower back and abs into lower, and then my upper days will be more focused. There's some debate I'm reading about whether or not that's a good idea, and it would basically eliminate my cardio days, which are super important to me right now. I'll put more thought into it. Earliest I would do this is October, so I have some time.

Tomorrow's an official weigh in day and I'm shooting for 183.3. I clocked in this morning at 184.0 (no buildup this time, I know) and that means I'm definitely not on track. All I can do is push and hope. Planning on a healthy dinner tonight, I've kept the diet clean and I went for a good walk at lunch. I've basically stalled at this weight for two weeks now, so if I hit the goal, and probably even if I don't, I'm going to do a cheat day either Friday or Saturday or both and hopefully click in another reset.

Alright, wish me luck hitting the goal weight tomorrow!

Bring it!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Week 8 is done, Program 3 is Done, and Week 1 is in the Works

Wow, what a long title. It's been over a week since my last update. I was out of town, then I was playing catch up. I'm not going to try to catch you up on all the workouts...I think...I sort of write free form, so maybe this will go there, but not sure. But, here's where we've been....

First, I finished my third program while I was out of town. Thanks to some technology limitations, I used my Beachbody On Demand subscription instead of my Max:30 DVDs, and that meant I replaced Max:30 with Insanity. Hey, Insanity is still very, very, very tough, so this was good. It's how I did my cardio days and it's how I finished my week, with Max Out Cardio. It's tough.

I also did a Bas Rutten workout in the hotel, somewhere in there. I think on Tuesday. On top of that, I did my weight work in the hotel gym. I also did legs that first night, purely because a quickly arriving plane meant I had to forego them in my Monday workout last week.

That's a ramble and doesn't make sense. Long story short, I didn't miss a workout. Also I kept the diet pretty well in check, which is impressive considering the conference had a lot of great and unhealthy food. Overall I skipped all the sweets, except for a bite or two of someone's dessert, and a whole slice of cheesecake on the final night reception (ya, I was week and it was already in front of me), but overall I was proud of how I did.

I got home late Friday and ate food, so I didn't want to do my official weigh in until Saturday. So, Saturday morning I woke up, lifted weights, and stepped on the scale. And I clocked in at...


That's a full 10.4 lbs in Program 3. Now, this wasn't the 20 lbs I'm used to in a program, but I've come to realize this is the norm this close to the goal. And honestly, as I get closer to 170, even 10 lbs in 2 months seems like it might be a stretch, especially while I also place an emphasis on building muscle. As long as the scale keeps going down, right?

Oy....that last sentence.

So, since I weighed in at 183.2, I can't seem to get back there. This whole week, every day since then, I've bounced between 183.5 and 184.0. Never going over 184, but damn, I'm still putting in effort and I haven't lost anything this week. It's frustrating, but I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing.

So, program 4 has started, and it looks very similar to the last four weeks of Program 3. Saturday, Monday and Thursday are my weight days, and those are what they are. Tuesdays are Bas Rutten, pretty much whatever I feel like. I like doing the punches the day after my weight work, it gets the blood flowing into my arms again. I did boxing this week, and it was awesome, I'd never been able to get through the boxing CD before (he throws the combos much faster in this one since there's no kicks to worry about). And then the Insanity stuff: I'm alternating weeks, but Wednesdays will either be Cardio Challenge or Sweat Intervals, both from Max:30, Fridays will be Max Out Cardio or Max Out Sweat, also from Max:30, and Sundays are either Max Interval Circuit or Max Interval Plyo, both from Insanity. For eight weeks. Seems like a fun challenge.

Alright, that's about it. I still have a ton of fat on me, definitely WAY less than I did in January and definitely less than even eight weeks ago, but damn, there's so much!!! I'm so worried that when I finally get to 170, and it might be a ways away, I'm going to realize there's still too much fat and I'll need to go even further. I don't want that, but more importantly I don't want the fat, so no fat trumps not wanting to lose more weight. Eventually I'll have to get a body fat percentage scan, but I'm definitely not in need of that. As long as that number is "a lot" it's just not worth it.

On the muscle building side, it's sloooooowly starting to come in. My wife says my arms are bigger, and she's right, I can see it, but they still look small. Every muscle looks small. Bigger compared to where I was eight weeks ago, but just small in general. Hey, it's been only 8 weeks, and really only 5 or 6 weeks since I started really lifting without using DVDs, so I have time. Let's see where I'm at at the end of summer, with more than 20 weeks under my belt. I hope....

K, I'm wrapping this up. Can't wait to get into the weight room tomorrow morning and throw around some heavy stuff. Let's do this!

Bring it!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Week 7 is over!

Alright, real quick wrap up for the week.

First off, Friday Fight Rd 2 went bad today. I don't know why, it's gone bad this entire round. I'm just gassed by Friday. I've decided to omit this workout from my next program, just to see how I do.

That said, I still kept the diet clean yesterday, even staying keto at Red Robin last night for dinner. Woke up this morning, sludged through the workout, and then stepped on the scale. Goal today was 186.0, and I already overshot that yesterday. So, what did I clock in at?


Boom! Yup, feeling good. This makes Monday's goal 183.5. Let's do it!

I'm out of town for a conference next week and might not have a chance to post, so expect me to go dark for a week. Still going to stay with my diet and workout program, though, as I wrap up Week 8 of my third program! Wish me luck!

Bring it!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Weight loss and a sore shoulder

It's Thursday, and Week 7 is almost over. So what's been happening since we last spoke? I'm glad you asked!

First, there have been workouts. Tuesday I decided to get some chores done around the house and work on some freelance work a bit, and next thing I knew I no longer had time to do a full 30 minute Bas Rutten workout. I opted instead for the 20 minute Fast & Furious workout from Insanity. As are most things in the world of Shaun T, this workout is aptly named. 20 minutes may not be a long time, but I was tired by the end like you wouldn't believe! Pretty great way to start the day.

Tuesday was a weird schedule day, and I came home from the office earlier than normal. With a little energy, a little frustration that my morning workout wasn't a full 30 minutes, and since I hadn't gone for a walk, I decided to hit play on Core Cardio and Balance from Insanity. This is the recovery week workout, but make no mistake, it's not easy. I chose it because I wanted a little more cardio (which it has), some ab work since I didn't hit them the day before (which it also has) and some stretching because I'm starting to feel sore (which is also has, again). I was dodging a crawling baby during most of it, and during most of the ab work I was convincing said baby that she didn't really want to eat various computer cables, but aside from those hurdles it was overall a very good workout.

Wednesday morning I got back into Max:30. Yesterday's workout was Max Out Sweat. I stand by my statement that this is the best workout in the program, and yesterday did not disappoint. I felt really good going into it and even better coming out. Solid A level work. Very happy.

I got a semi ok walk in at lunch. Had to cut it short because of a webinar, but hey, all good.

And finally, today was just under an hour of lifting weights full body. Man, do I love lifting weights. It's so awesome. I wish I could lift this heavy every day, but it's just not how the body works (and I still need the cardio while I shed these last 15 pounds). So today I went into the workout a little worried about my left shoulder. It's been sore for two days, and rule #1 with lifting is that you don't work something if it's sore. Fortunately, I woke up this morning and it didn't hurt! That was a great thing to discover. Shoulders are my favorite muscle group to work, and I was so happy I got to hit them. Also of note, legs: I'm starting to think I need to do more with my legs. I do as many sets on legs as I do every other body part, mainly focusing on quads (but sometimes hamstrings, glutes and calves too), and I'm starting to think that's not enough. Legs are just such a big muscle group, they really should get more work in. I'm going to consider doing more. My hesitation? The work I am doing is killing me already! Even with a 40 lb dumbbell, sumo squats are wreaking havoc on my legs. The thought of doing more, more weight, more sets, etc., is daunting as hell! So, it's something I'm going to consider, but no decisions for a bit.

Alright team, let's talk weight! When we last touched base, I clocked in at 187.8, making Wednesday's goal 187.3. Well, I guess something I did on Monday or Tuesday morning worked, because I clocked in on Tuesday at 185.8. WOO! Unfortunately, Tuesdays aren't official weigh in days, but hey, it was awesome to see. I kept the diet clean Tuesday, had the aforementioned Wednesday sweaty workout, and clocked in yesterday, officially, at 186.0. Boom! Ya, it went up .2 in a day, but that's nothing to worry about. And I overshot the goal by a huge amount. 186.0, that makes Friday's goal 185.5.

So today is another unofficial day, and I'm on my way to Friday. I kept the diet super clean yesterday, even resisting what arguably looked like the best chocolate chip cookies I've ever seen (they showed up at my office thanks to a new, local restaurant, and seriously, these things are chocolate, chocolate chip, with rock salt sprinkled on top, and there were probably 4 dozen sitting in the break room, and they're huge!) and was super proud of myself for that. Anyways, I ate clean yesterday, I hit it hard in the weight room today, and I stepped on the scale to see....


WOW! I can't believe it went down that much. Yes, there's a million things that go into the number on the scale, and that's a huge drop in a day, but WOW!! So stoked. Again, sadly, not an official weigh in, but I feel good about crushing tomorrow's goal considering today's weigh in.

So, yup, feeling good right now. Just finished up a healthy breakfast of cottage cheese and hemp seeds, and I have healthy meals galore lined up for the rest of the day.

Final thoughts before I sign out. First, congrats to the amazing wife as well. She's been really strict on her diet and the scale is dropping every day. It's obvious she's working so hard on this and I'm so proud of what she's accomplished with that hard work! Second, probably no walk for me today, got another webinar I need to get ready for. Third and final, I'm also gearing up for next week. I'm out of town for a conference, and since it's Week 8 I need to make sure I'm staying clean and healthy all week. So, should be interesting. I'm planning on a lot of extra workouts in the room and in the hotel gym to get me there, and I also might take my final photos for this round next Saturday instead, when I'm home. Same thing with my final official weigh in, since I'm sure my hotel room won't have a scale.

Crap, that just made me realize I don't have an official plan for the next round yet. I might just repeat my current plan one more time, it's a good mix of things.

Ok, enough blogging for the day. Onward my friends!

Bring it!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Onward, to Week 7!

Titles are hard. Don't hate.

Week 7 of the current program has begun. A few ups and downs (literally, scale wise) since the last check in. Let's talk weight first.

Saturday I clocked in at 186.6, so literally the same thing as Friday. Cool, still have a few days to lose. Then I went to the gym with the wife, which was after my normal workout (more on that in a moment), and when I finally got home I was starving. Cue the mistakes: I made and ate a humongous omelette. All of the food in it was diet friendly, but it's all about calories in v. calories out, and apparently a steak, four eggs, cheese, spinach and alfredo sauce was too much. Yes, I put alfredo sauce in my eggs, and it was delicious. And in smaller portions, this would have been fine. But ya, I ate the whole thing, and I felt pretty bummed about it. Even with keeping the rest of the day clean, and a good workout Sunday morning, it didn't help. I clocked in Sunday morning at..

188.8. Two whole pounds in a day. Lame. Anyways, Sunday this haunted me all day, so I kept it super clean, really focusing on portions. And this morning I clocked in at....

187.8. Ok, I lost a pound in a day, so that's good. Not great, and definitely not the 186.1 I was shooting for for today, but hey, it's ok. Right back on the horse. Just want to close out the week super strong, 185ish range. So, my current goal for Wednesday based on today's scale is 187.3. Let's do it!

So, workouts, how did they go? Well, those were actually awesome! Saturday morning I hit it hard with weights, again using no DVDs and just following my plan/keeping the pace fast/lifting heavy and listening to music. I skipped abs and bis/tris because that was what the wife wanted to work together at the gym later. So I hit everything else, felt awesome, put some protein powder into my body and proceeded to head to the gym with the family. Baby came too, but she hung out in the kids area. Someday I'll get this little girl in the actual gym with me, but we're a ways away.

Side note: the wife totally killed it in the gym with me! We did treadmill for 10 minutes to warm up, then got into into progressive sets on the tricpes and biceps, and then some drop sets for each. She absolutely killed it! We closed out with some elliptical trainer, plus I did a few minutes of leg hangs for the abs. It's awesome working out with her!

Sunday was supposed to be another gym day, but a sick baby made that a no-go. I still got my Max:30 workout in, which was Max Out Cardio. This thing still kicks my ass, but I was able to kick its ass a little bit too. The hardest part for me right now is doing Insanity the day after Leg Day, which is every weight day. I have two weeks to decide, but I might have to look into no Insanity for the rest of the summer just to preserve my legs. Or I could push through and hope my legs get with the program. I'm leaning toward the latter, but there's a chance that's just not possible. More updates to come on that.

And then this morning was more weights. I have a weird schedule today and couldn't do abs, to save time, but the rest of the workout was killer. I did a progressive set and a super set on each body part, which basically came out to four exercises of three sets each per body part. Whole body felt destroyed at the end, which is awesome!

Tonight I'm going to the gym one more time with the wife, and we're going to do our first Insanity class! Yup, apparently Insanity has actual classes in gyms now. I have no clue what to expect, other than I'm fearful of my legs (especially since I did a lot of squats this morning!). Should be awesome. Depending how that workout goes, I'll also probably pick up those lagging abs that I didn't hit this morning, but we'll have to wait and see.

Onward with Week 7, and the road to the 170s.

Bring it!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Wrapping up Week 6

Well, Week 6 is in the books. So, how did things end? Well, they ended slowly. I'm tired. Let's talk about that....

Baby is sick and didn't have a great night. This means mom and dad didn't have a great night either. Mom took the bulk of the work, but I was up too, and in general I've just been super sleepy this whole week. I finally hit my breaking point today and completely crashed. This was about two minutes into Friday Fight Rd. 2, and I just couldn't do it. I kept going for about 20 minutes, but finally deciding I wasn't doing any good. D+ for final results, it was bad.

But, I was up, so I got a bunch of dishes done before it was time to head into work.

Now, let's pause the I'm Tired train for a moment to talk about the scale. I stepped on today before the shower, and clocked in at....


Ok, that's awesome! Lowest I've been this entire program. Goal for Monday is now 186.1. Let's do this!

K, back on the train folks. The rest of the day has been dragging, 100% because I'm exhausted. Hey, it happens. I've kept the diet clean all day, which has helped keep energy up (special shout out to my wife who made some freakin' delicious salmon and corn, which I just ate the leftovers of for afternoon meal) but in general today's not a great day. I got going on my walk at lunch, but 15 minutes into that I realized I was dragging behind my usual pace, and could barely keep my eyes open. I hopped into the car and found a gas station, and bought two red bulls. I used to drink a lot of red bull, but this entire year I bet I've had less than 10. Today I've now had 2. And coffee. I'm going to make it, but it's going to be close. They were sugar free red bulls at least.

Anyways, I'm hoping to get a little more sleep tonight. Not getting up at 4:30am should help with that. Then it's back to heavy lifting tomorrow.

Oh, one more shout out to my wife. She's been working out and eating healthy again, and she finally broke through a major weight loss hurdle this morning. Scared the living crap out of me when I was in the shower and heard her scream, but ever since I found out that she wasn't screaming for anything bad, and in fact was super happy, I've been super pumped for her all day. Congrats honey!

Tonight's a steak dinner at home with the family. I'm excited. Let's do this people!

Bring it!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Wow, it's been almost a week since my last post

Ya, got busy and totally forgot to post. Let's get some updates in.

First off, a four day Memorial Day weekend had me pretty much give up my diet. That was the plan, so I'm ok with it. I mostly kept in control in terms of portions, minus several (read that: lots of) cookies, but food wise I obviously dove head first into the land of carbs. And it was glorious and delicious. Oh, and there was beer! I forgot how delicious beer can be!

I came out of the long weekend on Wednesday weighing in at 192.2. So ya, I went up a lot. But hey, that was the plan.

Now, I did spend the entire weekend working out as well. Saturday and Monday were both heavy lifting days, and heavy lifting they indeed were! I came away from both workouts feeling excellent!

Sunday I had Max Out Cardio scheduled to kick off Week 6 of Max:30, and it went pretty well. B+ levels. Hey, I was smack in the middle of a carb binge, it's ok. I decided to follow it up with P90X3 Yoga, but that ended up being a little too hard. Which is crazy to say, because I love yoga. I just haven't done it in a very, very long time, and my body wasn't having it. Time permitting, I'm going to try to get this in once a week (probably on Sundays) to get that flexibility back.

Tuesday's the only workout I skipped out on. Tuesday's kind of an up in the air day anyways. It's written as Bas Rutten, but as long as I do something I'm happy. My wife invited me to her gym with her, and since I happened to be off work it sounded fun. We did two 10-minute sets on the treadmill (beginning and end) and used machines to go through a total body workout. Obviously I'd done total body heavy the day before, so I focused on reps and getting that pump. Overall, felt good, and it was really fun working out with the wife. I'm hoping to do it again next week when I'm off work too!

Speaking of that pump, I added in something new: feeder workouts. These are short workouts (maybe five minutes) right before bed, where I pump out 100 reps on my arms on days I worked out and the day after. The goal (according to the Internet) is to get the blood flowing into the areas I've recently worked, and when that blood is pumping I go to bed. Then, when my body is repairing itself while I sleep, I've provided extra blood to those muscles to aide in the process. No clue if it works, but a few folks are saying it made all the difference in their arms and I'm willing to give it a try.

Wednesday I got through Max Out Sweat. This wasn't my best workout (this was the first official day back on no carbs), and this thing is still killer, but I actually felt excellent at the end. A- for sure. Very cool. I'm looking forward to absolutely dominating this workout next week though!

This morning I lifted weights. Now, before I go further into that, let me give you another update. Right now, my Saturday/Monday lifting days are about 90 minutes long, and are comprised of various segments from the BodyBeast DVDs. My wife has sadly asked me if I can go shorter than 90 minutes, as it's cutting into family time. I get it, weekends are for family. So yesterday at lunch I sat down and thought about how I could shorten my workouts. And ultimately, what I realized is I could push a lot harder and go a lot faster and still hit total body if I just skipped the DVDs. The trick here is that I need to stay focused. Previously, working out without DVDs hasn't gone well for me. I convince myself I've done enough or sometimes I slow down my pace, but hey, I'm willing to see if I have more willpower. Anyways, I sat down at lunch yesterday and wrote out a few hour long (actually an hour and ten minutes on a few) workouts, spelling out exactly how long I wanted to spend on each set/rest etc.

So why is this relevant? Well, this morning I was feeling pumped/curious about it, so even though I had a 40 minute workout scheduled using DVD snippets, I decided to try one of them out. I know, it's not what I had scheduled, but when it comes to lifting this summer, each workout is full body, so it doesn't really matter which workout I do specifically. The different workouts purely provide variety so I don't get bored.

Anyways, this morning actually went awesome! I started at 5:10 and had to be done by 6, so I sadly had to skip abs, but other than that my almost-an-hour-long-full-body-workout went great! I did a combination of Super Sets and Force Sets on every single body part, and came away excited to try this again. Saturday I'll give it a go on one of the hour and ten minute ones, not skipping abs this time. Assuming this works out (read that: I don't get lazy) this will be an awesome way to lift this summer. And, bonus, I get to listen to my own music now rather than whatever's on the DVD!

So, final notes. Like I said, yesterday I clocked in at 192.2, which puts Friday's goal at 191.7. However, I weighed in this morning at 188.8. Water weight, right? Friggin carbs. Anyways, I'm still shooting for 191.7 tomorrow, so I should be on pace as long as I keep diet clean the rest of the day. It's already late in the day and diet's clean so far, and fish for dinner tonight, so I think I'm in ok shape.

Looking forward to crushing Friday Fight Rd. 2 tomorrow to close out Week 6. Let's do this folks!!!

Bring it!