Sunday, April 8, 2012

Last week - busy

Wow, the last week has been busy. Very busy. It's non-stop. So what does that mean for working out? Well, it means a few things:

1) I've been too busy to follow an actual program. My schedule's just gotta be flexible.
2) I have not stopped working out. In fact I've worked out pretty much 5 days a week, at least once a day, since my last entry.
3) I just haven't had a chance to update the blog. If it comes down to having the chance to update the blog and not work out and working out and not updating the blog, the better choice is obviously no blog.

So I have worked out. Mostly cardio. I'm liking the Tapout XT workouts a lot. But as for what I actually did this week, it's fuzzy. I do know that we did workouts on Monday and Wednesday with the group, focusing mostly on cardio. And yesterday (Saturday) I did Sprawl and Brawl from Tapout. That was awesome!

So yes, decent week, and no more programs. I'm just focusing on doing one workout minimum a day, preferably 2. I've got a few weeks until EDC and I want to look awesome! I'm down about 8 lbs so I'm feeling good!

Planning to do yoga in about half an hour. I'll try to post later, and if not later then tomorrow.

So that's the deal. Bring it!