Thursday, June 23, 2016

Weights were lifted this morning

Workday/weekday lift days aren't my favorite, especially the further I get into this program. Why? Because I have less time I can allot to the workout (just shy of an hour, and that's pushing it), and the further I get into this, the more I realize I love lifting weights and want to put more effort/time in. Oh well, such is life.

I hit (almost) everything this morning with a progressive set. Progressive sets being from Body Beast, doing 15, 12 and 8 reps, increasing weight as I go down, rest, then 8, 12 and 15 reps going back down with the weight. I say almost everything because bis/tris each got a drop set instead (15, 12, 8, 8 with a low weight) due to time, and I basically didn't do hamstrings. I actually have just been looking at legs as legs, but over the last two weeks I've realized they're set up exactly like arms, meaning multiple muscles, and they all need to be hit. I've struggled with how to hit hamstrings without machines, but a friend gave me some ideas today through a conversation. Planning to hit legs more intelligently starting Saturday. Oh, also calves and core were each hit with a more rep-focused mindset.

Ideally I'd do that same thing plus a drop set on each bodypart, or at a minimum a force set, but time just doesn't permit. I've also been clued in on a few pro pro bodybuilders' rep schemes, and a lot of them are doing 20, 15, 12, 8, so basically one more set of 20 to add to each of my lifts if I decide to move forward with that. Again, though, where does one get the time. An extra set of 20 might not sound like much, but add that in for every body part, and double it if we're talking progressive sets, and it starts to add up. Something for the future perhaps.

On that note, this is a reason I'm considering doing an upper lower split in the future. I can devote more time to both upper and lower, grouping lower back and abs into lower, and then my upper days will be more focused. There's some debate I'm reading about whether or not that's a good idea, and it would basically eliminate my cardio days, which are super important to me right now. I'll put more thought into it. Earliest I would do this is October, so I have some time.

Tomorrow's an official weigh in day and I'm shooting for 183.3. I clocked in this morning at 184.0 (no buildup this time, I know) and that means I'm definitely not on track. All I can do is push and hope. Planning on a healthy dinner tonight, I've kept the diet clean and I went for a good walk at lunch. I've basically stalled at this weight for two weeks now, so if I hit the goal, and probably even if I don't, I'm going to do a cheat day either Friday or Saturday or both and hopefully click in another reset.

Alright, wish me luck hitting the goal weight tomorrow!

Bring it!

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