Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Back from vacation and feeling good

Well, vacation is over, and so are my "I'm taking it easy" days. Let's recap.

Since we last spoke, I had a kickass weight workout Friday morning. Then went to work, got the usual lunchtime walk in, and then the family left for vacation. And vacation included bad for me food! And lots of carbs! It was awesome! I had a pizza the first night and a dessert pizza, and soda on the way up. Not even diet soda, which I'd been binging lately - actual soda! It was great!

Saturday we saw family, ate more unhealthy food (chips, cheeze-its, and even a corned beef hash benedict!) and saw drum corps live. Super awesome! Then that night we got a ton of awesome food from Domino's and ate it back in the room. Also killed a package of Oreos.

Sunday we went into the city, saw more family, walked a few blocks and ate all kinds of breakfast carbs. Again, awesome. Then we drove home and I finished the cheeze-its and drank a bunch of diet soda. Amazing family weekend getaway.

Monday I was still off work, Fourth of July and all. I kept it clean food wise and worked my ass off in the gym again with weights. Side note: we didn't work out on vacation. We talked about it, we tried to, baby wasn't having it and then we just said it wasn't worth it.

Anyways, back to the story. Monday I was super clean, and then we went to the folks' house, and clean went out the window. More chips, M&Ms, and even some amazing golden graham smores that were outstanding (special shout out to my amazing baker of a wife for these!).

So what was the point of all these unhealthy meals? To reset my body! If you've read this blog for a while, you've seen that I stall on the weight loss every 5 to 10 lbs. Going on a binge like this seems to kick start me into weight loss gear again.

So, how's that working out for me? Well, when I left for vacation I was in the high 183s (I forget the actual number, pretty sure it was 183.6). When I got home I was 185.4. Cool, put on 2 lbs, and that made today's goal 184.9.

Yesterday, first day officially back on, I kept it super clean. I tried to fast a little just for the cleanse, but had to get a little food in me. Had a sweet potato quiche slice for breakfast (meal prepped the big one for the week) and a small portion of tuna pasta for lunch. Dinner was chicken and corn. Overall, great day health wise. I also got a workout in, Cardio 3 from 22 Minute Hard Corps (which kicked my ass, wow!).

This morning I got one more workout in, a measly attempt at Cardio Challenge from Max:30 (which went ok, not excellent, my legs are killing me still from Monday's weight lifting workout). I sweated, so that was good.

Anyways, after all that, I stepped on the scale this morning. Again, I've been stuck at 183, and had a goal today thanks to vacation of 184.9. Well, I clocked in at 182.6!! Boom, lowest I've been! Good job diet reset!

So now the trick is to keep it up, until I plateau again. Soda's gone, cheat meals are gone for a few weeks, and I want to see what I can pull off! Heading down to 170, let's do this!

Final thoughts: the more I do on lifting, the more I realize leg-based cardio is going to be difficult. Also doing legs in general is difficult timing wise. I'm looking into some alternatives for my future program, like doing some upper/lower splits and a little less cardio. More info on that to come.

Ok, that's all I've got. Let's get into the 170s people!

Bring it!

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