Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Mixing it up starting this weekend

I've decided to mix it up a bit. I'm burnt out on my workouts, at least the cardio, so I have a change in mind. We'll get to that. First, let's recap.

Since we last spoke, I got in an excellent lifting workout on Saturday and a decent upper body workout on Monday. Only upper body because baby wasn't feeling well and we had an early doctor appointment. It happens. Sunday I did a short cardio session, Cardio 2 from 22 Minute Hard Corps, but just wasn't feeling it. Not sure why. Tuesday (yesterday) I got through 5 rounds of Bas Rutten's 3 Minute Round Kickboxing workout. And this morning I was running a little behind schedule and opted for Fast & Furious from Insanity. Good times.

As for weight, I missed my 181.7 on Monday by a lot....I cheated over the weekend. It's summer, it's harder. And I had an awesome date nightwith my wife on Sunday, so it was worth it. But ya, Monday I clocked in at 184.0, making today's goal 183.5. Not good. Fortunately I've been clean since, and I weighed in today at 180.8. Lowest I've been ever! Awesome! New goal for Friday, 180.3.


Alright, so, mixing it up, what's that mean? Well, I love lifting, and what I've been doing weight lifting wise has been excellent. I mentioned before, legs are lagging in both time and interest, and I was originally planning on doing some sort of upper/lower split (the one I mapped out is excellent, but I want to put that on hold for the moment) but I think I need something more. I also am tired of Insanity. I love it, Max:30 is awesome, but my body is sore after 6 months of this, and my interest is waning. On top of that, I'm on my third program in a row that's handmade, and the fourth that's Insanity-cardio focused, and it's just losing it for me I need a real challenge (real as in mapped out, not real as in hard) and I think I know what that is. Starting Saturday, I'm diving into P90X3.

So, the changes that come with this. First off, P90X3 is 30 minutes a day, so no change there. That's actually what I started out the year doing. This will be 13 weeks, so a little different from the 8 week plans I've been doing. I'm going to take progress pics, then, at the end of weeks 4 (end of my current 8 week cycle) and week 13 (one week after the end of my next 8 week cycle, so still close). Should be good.

Now, like I said, I love the lifting, especially the upper body stuff. I really want to increase my upper body size, so on top of P90X3, I'm also going to do some heavy lifting sessions. Shorter than what I'm doing now (since I'll also have upper body work in P90X3), but still in there. Not legs though. I'm going to use P90X3 to get stronger in my legs first, and come October when I finish the program and look to get back into that upper/lower split, I'll really hit legs hard there. Maybe I'll add in some leg accessory work somewhere in this program, but not right away. So, 3x per week upper body lifting, plus P90X3. Should be fun.

I've also made a few minor modifications to the schedule so it fits better with my Saturday through Friday week. Nothing major.

So, that's the plan. Why P90X3? Well, Tony's my favorite trainer, by far, and I also love the P90X series. It's where this blog started.

Alright, 90 days starting Saturday. I'll finish this week as normal, and then bail on the current program and get started with P90X3. Let's do this!!!

Bring it!

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