Friday, July 8, 2016

Closing out week 3

Three weeks are complete in my new program. I didn't get to update you yesterday, so let's catch up!

Thursday I woke up early and hit it hard in the gym! Weights were lifted, and I got to hit everything. Even hamstrings! Overall it was a great workout!

After that, I clocked in on the scale. Remember, I'm shooting for 182.1 on Friday (today, but this was yesterday), so this was an unofficial weigh in. And the scale reported back with 181.8. Boom, in excellent shape (or so I thought...yay foreshadowing). Kept the diet clean yesterday too, and that was that.

This morning I got up early, had a baby asleep on me for a few minutes, and then finally hit Play on Max Out Cardio from Max:30. Overall, I actually felt really good with this one. But, of the 30 minute workout, I only got about 15 in. There was a diaper that needed to be changed halfway through, and at the 6 minutes left mark, I saw it was already later than I needed it to be to be done and still make it to work on time, so I called it quits. Hey, it happens.

I stepped on the scale after that, and clocked in at....


DAMN! Yup, I overshot the goal by .1, and I put on .4 from yesterday. Sigh, such is life. Hey, the number still went down and I'm not in the 183s anymore, so, progress. Hopefully I can get to those high 170s next week. I hope I hope I hope.....

So, Monday's goal is now 181.7. Gonna keep it clean all weekend and try to sneak in a few extra cardio sessions. I really want this, but it's up to effort to get there. Yay motivational stuff, right?

Tomorrow is another heavy lifting day, and I'm ready for it. Man, do I love lifting! Then Sunday is an Insanity Month 2 workout, I forget which. I'll let you know.

Final thoughts: I think I've figured out the schedule for my next program. Rather than doing just upper/lower six days in a row, out of fear of not recovering enough, I'm going to do Upper (Saturday), Lower (Sunday), Upper (Monday), Recovery/Cardio (Tuesday), Lower (Wednesday), Upper (Thursday), Recovery/Cardio (Friday). This is basically an upper/lower, but aside from those three days in the beginning, I never lift more than two days in a row without a recovery day. I'm also going to try to sneak in some extra cardio on leg days, probably plyo stuff to get the cardio and extra burn in the legs. Most importantly, this keeps me lifting upper body three times per week, which I absolutely love and it works better for my schedule. And I'm not ignoring my legs, especially at 2x per week, plus cardio days.

So, that's the plan, and I can modify most of it to be under 45 minutes per day, which is great. Upper body sessions might be a bit longer, but overall this keeps me back on the original plan of 30 minutes a day pretty close.

Alright, that's my story. Big big big UFC fight this weekend, I'm absolutely pumped for UFC 200. Let's do this!

Bring it!

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