Friday, July 15, 2016

Hating weight loss and looking forward to P90X3

Sigh. Weight loss is such a terrible process. Today's goal was 180.3, and I'm so so close to the 170s. So, yesterday I clocked in, and to my amazement it was 179.8. YES!!! Granted, that's an unofficial weight, because the goal was for Friday, but hey, awesome. So I worked extra hard during this morning's workout, kept the diet clean minus going to a restaurant (where I did actually still stay clean) and I stepped on the scale this morning. And what did I find?....

181.2. DAMN!!!

So, ya, no official 170s for me this week. Just gotta keep on trucking along.

So on that note, I'm really looking forward to starting P90X3 tomorrow. It's a very different program from Shaun T's stuff, I like Tony a lot, and just mixing it up in general sounds exciting. Six months of Insanity and weight lifting is tough. And I'm really hoping this will be a shock to my system and my belly continues to shrink. Man I hate this belly!

Alright, not much to say, but I wanted to check in anyways. Looking forward to the next step in the journey.

Bring it!

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